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Corporate Driving Safety Training

Driver safety training is the most cost efficient training you can provide.  Hard to imagine a training expense that can have such a positive return on time and funds invested.  It can also be the most boring and/or unprofessional training you will ever host.  Unless you get the best!

Hi! I am Austin Davis, creator of the concept of Comedy Defensive Driving.   As a very young professional comedian in Texas in 1984, I have given well over a thousand defensive driving classes, hundreds of one-hour driving safety seminars.

As a police officer, I have written my share of tickets and seen traffic accidents.  And, as a police trainer ---I have a unique knowledge of the interaction of Law Enforcement and your employees during traffic stops and collisions.

If your corporation employs drivers, part of their daily duties requires training---recent, realistic, and relevant to your corporate culture.  The seemingly simple daily act of driving opens your company to all sorts of issues large and small.

If you have outside sales staff, real estate professionals, public transportation drivers, repair, maintenance people, delivery personnel, truck drivers, police, fire, First Responders, high mileage commuters to and from work, high mileage work-related drivers, or someone who is just occasionally jumping into their personally-owned vehicle to run an errand on company business---these are just some of those who have risk exposures faced every day in Corporate America.  The best way to reduce the risk is to train to prevent it from happening at all.

If anyone or everyone in your company drives as a normal course of employment in any way,  your company needs professional driver’s safety training.  I can offer a unique ability to Entertain, Educate and Motivate for Permanent Change your staff’s driving behavior.  I can offer a real world Law Enforcement perspective and a solid stand-up comedy reputation (I have opened for acts as diverse as Jay Leno and Wayne Newton).

Safer driving is a learned skill that all professional drivers must know and practice.  Training is the most effective way to reduce corporate costs of driving such as insurance, fines, and vehicle repair cost.  Every accident avoided is injury avoided ---or even a road-related fatality avoided.  But can they learn if they are bored or even offended by a “comedian”?  You need the unique and proven professional mix of Entertainment, Education and Motivation to Change driving behavior of an Austin Davis Training environment.

My goal is to help your employees protect themselves on the road with over 20 years of personal and professional experience in the field of realistic, yet funny, driver safety training.  Each defensive driving participant will learn:
•    How to make a perfect trip
•    Habits of all good drivers
•    How to recognize and deal with “Road Rage”
•    A simple following distance tool as the key to control
•    How to drive for space
•    How to drive defensively in difficult situations low light, weather, traffic, construction
•    DWI issues
•    The only three actions you can use to be a defensive driver
•    Speed related issues
•    How to avoid a ticket and deal with Law Enforcement if you are stopped or cited
•    Traffic laws you may not be aware of and yet need to know
•    Your car's maintained “secrets”
•    How to correct your own specific problems that you face as a driver
•    The five main causes of accidents and how to prevent them
•    And much much more

My focus is to allow each participant to learn in a fun non-threatening way the realities of driving risk and simple, yet effective solutions to the hazards we face every day on the road.

Feel free to call me "The Original Comedy Defensive Driver Trainer” and discuss your unique situation and let’s figure out training solutions to lower costs, down time, and save lives.