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Handgun Training

The decision to buy or own a gun is a serious one.  Many stop right there.  They put some thought into the acquisition of a hand or home defense gun.  Once that decision and purchase is made, little if any thought on what ammunition to use, how to safely load and unload, how to handle it around others, how to store the gun safely, what holster to carry the gun in, or even about accessories like a quality defensive flashlight and on and on and on…

To top it off, little if any training takes place. Most, if any training is done at a gun range.
Shooting in a well lit, non-threatening environment at a paper target that stays perfectly still at 25 feet from your position. That is great training for a well lit non threatening paper target in a non threatening environment though it is terrible training for shooting one or more people who wish to do you and yours serious bodily harm.

Who do you get to train you? A neighbor who is “a gun guy”? A Police Friend ( Sorry but few Police officers are great shooters and far fewer are great shooting teachers and I have taught enough to know )  Or perhaps you go off to a shooting school and spend literally a thousand or more dollars in the cost of travel, school, and ammunition costs to learn Special Forces Level shooting skills.

There must be a better way?  There is!  Learn the solid basics to a level you can use your firearm with confidence.  Learn from me the skill sets you will need to survive a violent attack.  The bad guys will arrive when it is most advantageous to them and least advantageous to you and your loved ones.  That is not the time to wonder how to draw the gun, work the safety, figure out how to aim, control the trigger or hope for a shooting platform to support your tactical decisions.

It is my deepest belief that you need a certain level of basic skills in equipment, training, and tactics to survive most gun situations.
SWAT or Special Operation Group Training really does not translate well at 3:00 AM when you wake up and you alone are the responsible hand to reach for the gun to protect you and yours.  The difference between an expert and a master of any skill is the ability to master and perform the basics at a high level in any demanding and changing situation.

Let’s get the basics mastered first:

>Learn to handle a gun is a safe and professional manner (sloppy gun handling is where most unintentional discharges take place so it is in no way a trivial matter)

>Learn how to grip your gun properly (amazing how many I train cannot hold a gun properly)

>Learn proper sight alignment (because the bullet goes where gun is pointed)

>Learn proper trigger control (key to any sporting or defensive shooting)

>Learn how to use your whole body to control the gun (important and often over looked)

>Learn basic malfunction clearance (simple to learn tap-rack-bang drills that fix about 90% of your problems)

>Learn to shoot one-handed and with your “off” hand (because very likely you  will have to hold, push away, carry or use a phone with one hand while you have to use a gun--- that means one-handed strong or weak side)

>Learn to shoot in low light or in the dark with a flashlight (a handy commonly needed skill almost universally neglected!)

>Learn the difference and how to do tactical and speed re-loads and when to use both (to quote Clint Smith "The gun fight is not over when you run out of bullets--- just your turn!")

>Learn to pass the Texas Concealed Carry shooting portion of the exam (you should easily be able to shoot a 90% in the test despite that far less is needed to pass)

>Learn survival skill sets now that you want to carry with your gun permit to carry concealed (even in police academies little, if any, attention is paid to carrying off-duty concealed gun and even fewer civilian instructions in concealed carry)

>Learn to draw your gun from concealment (holster, gun carry purse, belly bag or Kangaroo carry, for example)

>Learn about what cover and concealment can do for you (There is a difference on both sides of a gun fight)

>Learn on a private range in a non-threatening, yet realistic manner, from an experienced instructor who will not talk down, yell or intimidate you ---this is serious business that deserves professional care at the highest level

I have taught hundreds of individuals from law enforcement to civilians of all shapes and sizes and have the knowledge and skill set to teach you the basics of using a handgun to protect yourself.  How long will it take to get you up to speed?  With my Build It One Skill At A Time M---ethod not as long as you might think.

I provide the range, tactical targets, practice handgun (special Ruger 22 pistol) practice 22 ammunition, plus advanced hearing and eye protection equipment if you need it.

You provide the handgun and all the practice ammunition you wish to shoot with your handgun.
Lessons are 60 or 90 minutes and I can train two people as easily as one.

Even if you wanted to spend thousands of dollars and take a week or more off to train at an elite civilian shooting school you will need to know these basics.  If you need a training level or facility to train beyond what I can provide once you acquire mastery of the basics, I can provide you with guidance and direction to some very advanced shooting schools across America and have you ready to be high speed and low drag from day one when you get there.

We are entering strange and uncertain times.
Whether you want to learn the basics to protect yourself, learn enough to pass the concealed carry course, or already have a Concealed Carry License and now want to know how to function as a daily armed citizen, I have the law enforcement and civilian training background to help you master the most necessary gun handling skill sets.

My usual schedule for training is Saturday afternoons but other times can easily be scheduled.  If you are not in the Houston area you can host me at your facility with your group.

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