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Know Before You Show

Question:  What is Real Estate Professional to a Security Trainer?

Answer:  A Real Estate Professional is someone who goes around town all day to enter confined and often remote spaces with strangers as part of their jobs.

Conducting a real estate practice almost by definition puts agents in potentially hazardous situations.  An agent conducting an open house is often alone and knows nothing about the person walking in the door.  Agents often meet customers for the first time in front of a vacant house, or drive or ride with them to an appointment.  It is not uncommon for an agent to be alone in the office late at night, finalizing an offer or catching up on paperwork, exploring a distressed property looking for a great “steal deal" and some agents still go door-to-door looking for listings.

With the current economic downturn many formerly “good” areas have grown an edge---and many former questionable areas have grown “sporty”.  With the downturn your business could take your agents many times a day to or through some rough areas.

I have a great deal of respect for real estate professionals.  It is a challenging and rewarding career that is more important in troubled times than ever before.  To do your job you have to get out of a secure office and deal with challenging situations every day.

Common crime happens when motive meets opportunity.  As a real estate professional, you are vulnerable just in your day-to -day travels, checking out new properties, and showing existing ones.

Many real estate office managers routinely discuss safety practices with their agents, but few have any hard and fast rules and agents themselves say that they often knowingly take risks because it is the only way they can conduct business.  Local real estate boards conduct occasional safety courses, and yet, when I ask any group of real estate professionals  at one of my seminars, a quick show of hands survey says that greater than half of the audience has experienced safety concerns, incidents, or harassing situations on the job.

There don't appear to be any real solid statistics on the number of agents who fall victim to murder, rape, assault, or robbery. One source states that 206 agents were murdered on the job between 1982 and 2000.  This does not even touch on the number of agents who were the victims of sexual assault, non-fatal shootings, beatings, and stabbings; robbery, stalkers and car-jacking.  Over the years, the personal emails I receive after a Real Estate class is heartbreaking and all too common.  Again, with an ever increasingly difficult economic situation, the risks surely will rise.

In “Know before You Show” you will learn:
• How to do an initial viewing of a property safely

• How to set up appointments to hopefully weed out problems before meeting them

• How to show a property safer

• How to recognize a dangerous situation developing

• How to use the three “hard wired” responses to any crisis

• The 5 ways someone can gain entrance to a property

• Learn the truth about weapons, super helpful tools of the trade, and use of force issues that are necessary to escape or regain control of the situation

• Learn how to deal with the aftermath of a scary incident to become comfortable enough to return to work and comfortable enough to still stay in the industry

And so much more…

Law enforcement officials, real estate boards, real estate trainers, and others routinely advise agents to observe some common sense safety precautions.  But do you have a system in place to make sure every showing or viewing is as safe as possible?

“Know Before You Show” is available in 3 forms:

1.  As a stand-alone seminar taught in my usual Entertain, Educate, and Motivate! style.

2.  A consultation before the seminar with the real estate office to review policies and procedures and to incorporate any specific concerns or risk you want me to cover.  Then a follow up to the consultation with a custom blended seminar or seminar series for your professionals blended with your own unique policies and procedures.

3.  Add a video of the seminar to the above 1 and/or 2 to have a permanent training tool for your professionals filmed at your location using your people.

The most dangerous line imaginable is “It will never happen here” because it can and does happen to businesses and people just like yours all the time.  Please call me and let’s discuss the options to making you and your real estate professional’s experience safer, and hopefully by extension, more profitable.

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