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Personal & Corporate Travel

Are you as safe as you can be when your business or personal travel takes you out of town?
Do you travel only occasionally to a national meeting, or are you are true “Road Warrior”?

In this fun and entertaining seminar Austin Davis covers all the bases:
• Ground Transportation
• Airports
• Hotels
• Motels
• Taxis
• Public Transportation
• Protecting Proprietary Information While Traveling
• Laptop Theft
• I.D. Theft
• Credit Card Scams
• Rental Car Driving and Crime Issues
• Personal Protection in Public Places
And much, much more…
(Special emphasis on Women and International Travelers is available)

We live in a Global Economy and to be competitive we need to be mobile.
Austin can provide consulting and/or seminars to help set up policies and procedures.
He will speak in a way that will Entertain, Educate, and Motivate your people who have to be on the front lines of business.

If your people leave for business overnight, you need to provide them training.
Austin has the experience to make a difference in a non-threatening but educational manner.