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Slips, Trips & Falls

Old time slap stick movies made slips, trips, and falls are staples of a good laugh.

However, there is nothing funny when someone falls at home or at work.
The injuries, costs, and lost time from injuries are no laughing matter.

I am Austin Davis and I have developed a seminar that addresses an issue many of my corporate clients have been requesting for a very long time.

There has been a great need for an entertaining, yet effective way to train to reduce the risk posed by Slips, Trips, and Falls injuries on and off site.
Usually this type of training is offered only to maintenance, cleaning, construction, or front desk floor based sales or service personnel.  But everyone faces off-site risks that can result in lost time or increased health care costs as well as every day office injuries.
This is an area often neglected in regular safety meetings and yet is a truly a risk for your employees, contractors, customers, and clients.

If you are concerned about keeping injuries and lost time reduced on an all too common injury catalyst then holding training on Slips, Trips, and Falls can give you a return on investment could result in lower health care costs.

This seminar can be as short as 20 minutes of time to as long as 90 minutes.
It is taught in my usual laugh and learn style and designed to cover all the basic areas.
If you have a mainly office-based staff, 20 minutes is perfect.  Construction, maintenance, and cleaning crews might benefit more from a full 90 minute class.  A Spanish speaking trainer can be provided for the training if necessary.

The seminar addresses floors, stairs, ladders, bathrooms, and risks outside the facility.  Also covered are common off-job injuries due to “home improvement projects” around the house and the all too common “weekend warrior” recreational injuries.

Call to reserve this seminar before your next journey down a stairwell, up a ladder, or in a unstable environment.