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Laughing At Danger

When asked "What is my Laughing at Danger Seminar?" it is a hard question for me to answer.  I have successfully given the talk over 1000 times to every type of group, company, and organization imaginable. Yet, it is still difficult to describe to someone who has never attended this seminar.  It’s challenging to describe my training style for this topic because my approach is totally unique and because each seminar is just a little different depending on the different needs of each group.

Imagine an experienced stand-up comedian, blended with a former Police Officer and Police Trainer, and mix in an experienced professional speaker and you have “Laughing at Danger”.  You may choose your time needs of 30 to 90 minute presentations that mix laughter and learning on the most delicate of subjects---Personal Safety in an increasingly violent and unpredictable world.  All humor is delicately designed to teach core principles of personal protection in a funny, yet realistic way.  Sort of a “spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down” approach.

The Laughing At Danger seminar usually is split into two halves.

First Half:  Home Safety
Learn the 3 levels of protection
Learn to use (C.P.T.E.D) principal to protect your home when there or away
Learn to harden your exterior
Learn there are only 4 ways anyone can get into your home
Learn the only 3 responses to any crisis in your home (or anytime)
Learn how to plan for the unimaginable
And much much more

Second Half:  Public Safety in Public Places and Use of Force
Learn to deal with parking lot safety
Learn to deal with car safety issues
Learn to truth about elements of an ambush
Learn ways to use your cell phone as crime fighting tool
Learn the realities of use of force
And much much more

More than just a stand up comedy routine or a safety seminar, each participant will leave with a personal safety outline they can fill in with their own plan.  The talk can be tailored to any special needs of the group.  All humor is corporate or any type group appropriate!!  This FUN-FILLED seminar is perfect for any occasion:

• Corporate Seminars
• Monthly or quarterly safety meetings
• Keynote Speech
• Special interest group event seminars
• Informal gathering of friends and family small groups

With the current economic challenges we face, crime will become an ever increasing issue to ourselves and those we love.  Please let me show you in a street proven, non-threatening, yet realistic manner a simple system of safer living.